Pricing- $425 w/touch up & Aftercare

3D Hairstrokes, Eyebrow Embroidery Tattoo or Microblading is a new method of eyebrow tattoo that mimics the look of real hair and last up to 2 years!

  • Fill in sparse areas or “bald patches” in your brows
  • Make your brows look fuller and thicker
  • Darken blonde or light brows
  • Correction of old eyebrow tattoo
  • Correct uneven brow shape to make them more symetrical
  • Create a whole new brow if you have little or no eyebrow hair
  • Great for alopecia or trichotillomania sufferes!

Whichever the reason may be, Microblading can help you in a ton of ways! You’ll spend less time doing your makeup, save some dough on expensive beauty products and enjoy the simple fact that you don’t have to do your brows!

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